Lomax Temple A.M.E Zion Church


Bible Study


12:00 p.m. & 6:00 p.m

Paree Porter Community

Food  Pantry
Hours of Operation

Thursday 11:00 a.m - 1:00 p.m.

Pastoral Care

Prison Ministry
Sis. Veronica Moon-Gray

Youth Department 

Sis. Briana Howard, Director

Buds of Promise
Sis. Sonya Harris, Superintendent

Young Adult Missionary Society-Y.A.M.S

Children's Department

Children's Choir

Celestial Choir

Bro. Delmar Sharp, President

Male  Chorus

Bro. Robert Evans, Chairperson

Mass Choir

Sis. Anglet Campbell

Usher Board

Sr. Ushers No. 1

Sis. Dorothy Harris, President

Sr. Ushers No. 2

Bro. Samuel Pace, Jr., President


Sis. Susan Hunt, President


Sis. Elaine Pace, Supervisor

Sis. Martina King, Supervisor

Bro. Nathaniel Paul, Jr.  Supervisor

Bro. Patrick King, Supervisor                Bro. Antoine Gray, Supervisor
Sis. Yvette Harris, Supervisor

Christian Education Department

Sis. Patricia Overton, Director

Altar Guild

Gen. Superintendant of Church School

Bro. Ben O. Howard

Young Adult Ministry

Senior Outreach

Sis. Vera Wilson, Coordinator

Lomax Men of Valor

Bro. Robert Evans

Bro. Delmar Sharp

Bro. Michael Mellison

Nurses Ministry

Sis. Vanessa Sharp, President

Trustee Ministry

Bro. William Howard, President

Steward Ministry

Sis. Mary Covington, Pastor's Steward

Quilting Ministry

Sis. Barbara Tucker, President

Bus Ministry
Bro. John Knott, Bro. Samuel Pace, Jr.
Rev. Mark Marsh, Bro. Nathaniel Paul, Jr.

Life Members Missionary
Sis. Shirley Green, Local Coordinator

Youth Missionary
Sis. Barbara Tucker, Supervisor

Class Leaders

Sis. Veronica Moon-Gray, Leader of Leaders

Music Ministry

Sis. Crystal Bailey, Director

Local Lay Council

Security Ministry

Bro. Emerson Tucker, Coordinator

Library Committee

Sis. Dorothy Harris

Sis. Vera Wilson

Scholarship Committee

Sis. Chauny Barnes-Sailor
Sis. Susan Hunt

Senior Missionary
Sis. Violet Simpson, Local President

Website Administrator
Sis. Denise Roberson

Media Ministry
Sis. Crystal Bailey

Technical Advisor
Bro. Andrew Whidby, Sr.

Sis. Sonya Harris, Director

Asst. Gen. Superintendant of Church School

Sis. T'Nesha Norfleet

Lomax Outreach Ministry
Bro.Tim McGary, Coordinator

Bro. Michael Mellison, Coordinator

Paree Porter Community Food Pantry Ministry
Sis. Willie Chaffould, Director

Sis. Janice Warren, Director

Adult Department

Sis. Betty Hatcher, Sis. Willie Chaffould
Sis. Katie Lawson, Sis. Elaine Pace
Sis. Matilda Ware

Marriage Ministry
Rev. Marcus Marsh 
Rev. Danelle Marsh